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Balloon Setup

Create an event point that your guests will surely remember through our setup that can be customized to cater your theme!

Please see Balloon Decors Terms and Conditions.

Take note of the decor you prefer together with our other party rental equipment and proceed to Contact Us page.

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Terms and Conditions

A. Booking

When booking a balloon decoration set up for your event, we highly recommend to confirm the reservation at least 2 weeks prior the event wherein the watermarked digital mock up has already been agreed by Share The Fun and the customer.  We immediately start working on the details once reservation date is confirmed. During the process, we will be requiring a valid Identification as part of the booking process.

B. Deposit, Remaining Balance and Security Bond

A 50% deposit of the agreed total amount setup is required to confirm the reservation. While the remaining balance needs to be paid in full 7 days prior the event date.

A refundable security bond of $100 is required as well on top of the total amount. This will be returned within two days upon assessment of proper use and wear and tear of the equipment hired. See section Setup Disassembling and Ownership.

Payments can be through bank transfer or cash. Failure to make the required payment by the agreed date may result to the following:

  • Reservation Confirmation Release – if the Deposit is not made 2 weeks prior the event

  • Termination of Contract – if the full payment is not made 7 days prior the event which will cause forfeiture of any payment already made. See Cancellation section in details.

The customer agrees that by paying at least one of the fees indicated in this section, all the terms and conditions indicated in this document has been read, understand and agreed.

C. Cancellations, Refunds and Rescheduling

As much as we understand that some circumstances arise, however, we are unable to refund any of the payments made prior the event for cancellations of any reasons including weather. change of mind  As mentioned in the Booking section, once reservation is confirmed, we immediately start working on the details of your setup that includes sourcing of the materials, travel and labour expenses and other areas. This is also to cover the possible income loss from other customers who may want to book the same date but unable as we have already committed to your event.

In return, we allow the customer to instead reschedule the event on another date subject to availability. This however, will not allow for any changes on the agreed design based on the digital mock up. If changes is required, see details in Handling of Changes section.

D. Handling of Changes

After the digital mock up provided has been agreed, it indicates that the customer has also read and agreed the terms and conditions. If any changes is decided after the design has been agreed, the customer understands that it may incur additional charges which will be subject to the entire Terms and Agreement.

E. Venue and Setup

 Our customer is the one responsible in ensuring that the installation of the agreed setup is allowed in their chosen venue including our equipment such as ladder, electrical balloon pump as well as its considerable noise, wall hangings etc necessary for Share The Fun to execute the agreed design.

We require at least 2 hours before the event start time for our setup especially outdoors. For outdoor venue, which is not reserved, it is our customer’s responsibility to be in the venue at least 2 hours before and reserve the place so we can start with the installation.

For indoor venue, it is also our customer’s responsibility to provide access for us at least 2 hours  before the event time.

Time required for the setup may change depending on the complexity of the installation. This will be included and indicated in the booking form.

Any limitations due to the venue that will cause for Share The Fun to unable to execute the agreed design will not be a ground for refund.

The customer acknowledges that some balloon décor may be affected by temperature and humidity where Share The Fun cannot be held liable for. This will be discussed during the planning and mitigation may be applied as per best practice but not liable outside of weather and uncontrollable acts of nature such as rain, wind or extreme heat.

For outdoor events where the weather may be a factor or other events that will affect the event, it is our customer’s responsibility to provide an alternate venue at least 6 hours before. Share The Fun will not guarantee that the same design will be executed depending on the alternate venue provided.

F. Setup Disassembling and Ownership

It will be our customer’s responsibility to disassemble and return the props, equipment and materials used to Share The Fun unless otherwise stated in the booking form the items that are not for rental.

The Balloon garland and other design will be owned by our customer after the event thus should follow proper disposing and safety precautions in handling the balloons.

A striking fee will be added should our customer decide for us to dispose the balloon instead. This will be indicated as part of the invoice.

Once the agreement is signed through the booking form, our customer is responsible for all the equipment used for the setup until it is returned back to Share The Fun in a reasonable and acceptable condition.

Any damage the equipment may incur due to but not limited to, misuse, theft or disaster, our customer agrees to pay for repair if applicable or pay for the total purchase amount of the affected item. In which the security bond will be put on hold until the settlement has been agreed on the damaged equipment.

Safety and Proper Balloon Handling and Disposal

Share The Fun is responsible for the following:

  • Attach a weight to every helium balloon, whether latex or foil, sold in a bouquet or individually. This way, a balloon cannot accidentally fly away.

  • Separately tie each helium-filled, foil balloon to a weight or anchor. If the balloons get loose, this will keep them from being released as a bouquet and reduce the likelihood that they will become tangled in power lines.

  • Never use metallic ribbon on helium-filled balloons of any kind, as metallic ribbon conducts electricity and may come in contact with power lines if accidentally released.

  • Do not tie helium-filled foil balloons to other balloons to create clusters or groups of helium-filled balloons containing foil balloons. Such groups or clusters would stand a greater chance of getting tangled in power lines if they were accidentally released.

  • Latex balloons - or balloon pieces - can pose a suffocation danger (especially to young children). Properly dispose of broken balloons and let parents and young children know that a broken balloon or its pieces should never be put in the mouth.




Share The Fun and the customer agrees on the following:

  • Share The Fun does not participate in balloon release of any kind and quantity. Never intentionally release a foil balloon. It's surface can conduct electricity and could cause difficulty if it were to come in contact with power lines. Also, foil balloons are NOT biodegradable.

  • Safety of our customers and their guest is our top priority. We follow best practice to secure our equipment thus  Share The Fun will not be held liable for intentional or accidental misuse of any materials in the set up and installation or any caused by acts of nature resulting but not limited to injury, damage to property.

G. Display and Promotion

The customer agrees to the display and promotion of the setup to Share The Fun’s official website, Facebook and other media platforms. Before doing so, Share The Fun will communicate it to the customer and will be flexible for other requests and arrangement when possible.

All designs/displays created and installed by Share The Fun are the property of Share The Fun, Lawn Games Hire, Crafts and Party Needs and can be used with the logo watermark.

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